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Purkart Mineral Company was founded in 1992 with the original collection of minerals of owner Milan Purkart. The company grew quickly due to numerous contacts with other collectors, and later with other professional engaged in trading and processing of these beautiful products of nature. Initially a small company made up of only the owner himself, it has grown over the years to its present form employing people in Czech Republic and elsewhere around the world. We not only have a solid and broad wholesale demand from retailers in other countries, we have our own retail stores in the Czech Republic. Due to our dealer ties around the world, we have been able to offer our products in stone street stores and online in recent years as well. The newest expansion project is our workshop in the heart of Madagascar.

Milan & Eva

Since my wife and I love to travel, we are always trying to find something new for our customers when we're out exploring. The original role of purely a "stone company" has expanded to include other products found in nature; sea shells, mother of pearl decorative products, collectable butterflies and beetles, original carvings, and wooden furniture made of tropical wood.

Although bringing a wide variety of natural stones to both the wholesale and retail markets remains the main focus of our business, our creative nature and personal drive to succeed in a competitive industry directed us to also start our own line jewelry turning precious metals and these natural stones, mostly Czech moldavite and Bohemian garnet, into beautiful unique pieces. My wife's ideas constantly bring new innovations to the line, which has given rise to an original and beautiful collection.

When we're not in our retail and wholesale locations back home in the Czech Republic, you can find us at the biggest exhibitions both at home and abroad. The rest of the time we're frequently exploring the world in search of more unique stones, but you can always find someone to help you in our absence.

Milan & Eva Purkart


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